Monday, March 5, 2012

Extraterrestrial Contact: The One versus the Many

We humans see ourselves as the one- the beginning and the end of intelligent life in the universe. We speculate about what lies beyond that understanding. We tell ourselves that there may be other civilizations in the universe. The truth though, when it is revealed some day, will pierce us like no other discovery in our history. There will most likely be a sense of loss. We will no longer be at the intellectual center of the universe. There will be a sense of wonder. We will look to the night sky with new-found awe. It will be a passage from childhood and into adulthood for our race. We will lose the one and become part of the many, joining beings across the universe. Of course, it's only our perspective that really changes. Whatever greater truth is out there exists with or without our enlightenment.

Humans will take these huge steps together and hopefully, united. It will be a tremendous responsibility for people alive when First Contact occurs. They will take actions that will shape our civilization for many generations to come. Becoming part of the many won't cause us to disintegrate. It can help us to grow stronger and find a new purpose. It’s time to wake up. A new day will be dawning for humanity.

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