Friday, May 22, 2009

The Stealth Dilemma

Stealth technology, as developed by humans, is the use of technology to obscure aircraft from radar. Taken in a larger extraterrestrial context, it is the use of technology to cloak or disguise space craft from radar or even visual detection. Stealth is among the biggest issues when it comes to extraterrestrial visitation. There are a number of possibilities. First, of course, extraterrestrials may not even exist. Second, they may be here and are observing us using some form of stealth technology, or at the very least very careful maneuvering. Third, they have been creating periodic “obvious sightings” to try and prepare us for First Contact (not my idea at all, but rather a relatively popular explanation for UFOs). Fourth, they have had contact in the past, and through policy change, or change of heart, decided to now employ stealth technology.

All of the possibilities have implications. Let’s face it: we have basically scared ourselves silly with our own cute stories. Very seldom are extraterrestrials happy, helpful visitors. The human imagination thrives on drama and there is much more drama in nasty aliens than kind extraterrestrials. And as I have stated before, either extreme is a rather na├»ve view of the possibilities. Extraterrestrials would most likely be at least as complex as us in political, social and scientific ways. Certainly if there is more than one other known, intelligent civilization out there, the political systems and social interactions are bound to be extremely complex.

Stealth is important. It plays into our fears of manipulation and aggressive actions. It also is necessary to explain why we haven’t seen extraterrestrials yet, and still claim they exist. So, in a sense, except for scenario one (they don’t exist at all) stealth may be the biggest question.

Okay, so now I admit I have managed to contradict myself when it comes to stealth. Earlier this week I spoke of a suggestion for our extraterrestrial visitors: use stealth technology until you are ready for First Contact. However, if you go back a few months you’ll notice I reference stealth in something I call the original requests. Simply put, these are requests we would need to make of any extraterrestrial visitors:

-No use of stealth or cloaking technology for any space or aircraft in Earth atmosphere or our solar system.

-No craft visiting Earth without permission.

-No contact with other humans without approval of the United Nations or assigned governing body.

-A promise of non-interference in Earth governments and other social systems.

I suppose it may sounds like a contradiction, but I believe both things to be important. Extraterrestrials will need to use stealth leading up to First Contact. Starting with the revelation of First Contact those same extraterrestrials would have to promise never to use stealth technology again. In a sense, stealth use before First Contact is entirely necessary and after First Contact it is absolutely unacceptable.

Why so?

It comes down to trust. In fact the entire basis of First Contact and the development of a new relationship with an extraterrestrial civilization is based on trust. We trust that they are being honest with us. We trust that they are not trying to manipulate us for their own reasons. We trust that they will be honest and open with us about all previous contact and any potential manipulation that may have occurred in the past.

This won’t be easy.

You can imagine the UFO hunters, alien abduction claimants and many others would demand answers. And given the attention they have garnered here on Earth, some rational explanation will be important for the start of a proper relationship after First Contact.

We, the human race, tend to be a jumpy bunch. If extraterrestrials do not use stealth when observing us, or somehow come barreling into our atmosphere unannounced, we’ll likely have a hostile reception waiting.

I think in the end it comes down to our rights. We have been establishing over the last few thousand years the concept of rights for humans here on Earth. In that same respect we have to consider the rights of humans when coming into contact with outside civilizations. I came up with these basic ideas, just to get the ball rolling.

Declaration of Human Rights:

1. Humans have the right to self-determination.

2. Humans have a right to not be manipulated by other civilizations.

3. Humans have a right not to have the pillars of human society manipulated by other civilizations, including economy, technology, and civic arrangements.

4. The planet Earth is the sacred home of human beings.

5. Life on Earth should not be interfered with or manipulated by outside beings.

6. Humans have a right to determine how First Contact proceeds.

7. Humans can determine how much information and what type of information they decide to receive about the outside universe.

8. The resources of the planet Earth are the property of citizens of Earth.

9. The solar system of Earth is the property and home of citizens of Earth.

10. Earthlings can decide which beings can enter the solar system and under what conditions.

11. Earthlings can decide which beings can enter Earth atmosphere and under what conditions.

12. Humans will enter into the larger known universe as productive and responsible citizens.

13. Humans will decide exactly how that entry into the larger known universe proceeds.

14. Humans will expect honesty from all parties interacting with the citizens of planet Earth.

15. Humans will demand honesty and forthright disclosure of any past interactions between alien civilizations and people of the planet Earth.

One final note: I talk here only of human rights, but who is to say extraterrestrial visitors will think that only humans deserve rights? They could believe in rights for all animal life. Who knows, maybe all plant life as well? That’s right, get ready PETA, maybe someday you’ll have a whole new category of celebrity spokesperson: the spokesalien. I look forward to the ads.

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Anonymous said...

"The solar system of Earth is the property and home of citizens of Earth"

i don't think we can claim the other planets in the solar system like they
were ours, we have'nt set a foot in Mars. So if alien decide to colonize the other planets what give us the right to say no ?

Eric Melcher said...

I disagree Anon...unless intelligent life is found on other planets in our solar system I would consider our solar system to be a fair buffer of sorts...similar to the range of territory claimed by nations into the ocean. Considering the size of the universe I don't think it's unreasonable to consider the solar system our back yard.