Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why this proposal?

The focus of this blog is specific. It discusses what could happen if an extraterrestrial civilization, which has been monitoring events on Earth, felt it was time to say hello, in a gesture of friendship or, at the very least, non-malicious intent. It’s a theme that has been used and abused throughout many years of popular fiction. Still, the interesting part of it, for me, is that there are not many detailed suggestions for how it should happen.

There are a million different scenarios. But the possibilities shrink when you consider the main issue at hand: how does an extraterrestrial civilization say hello, while causing the least disruption here on Earth? I think there are several factors that extraterrestrial emissaries would take into account:

-You would want to say hello to the entire planet and not enter into planetary politics by initiating contact with one nation first.

-You would want to make the introduction quickly, so that negative and potentially violent reaction does not have time to collect energy.

-You would want to do it in a controlled fashion that keeps people calm.

-You need to prove who you are.

-You need to have a process of proof that involves scientific methods of measure and assessment.

-It needs to be an open and visual method of disproving the hoax that the entire world can watch.

-It needs to show off technology that is beyond the possibility of human construction.

-Your actions need to be non-threatening.

-You need to give people enough information to prove what you are saying.

-You need to avoid overwhelming the public and endangering the sciences with too much information at once.

-The process needs to lead down a path.

-The final step of that path should be official contact with the United Nations and an address to the people of planet Earth.

Why are all of these things necessary for a successful First Contact? They take into account negative outcomes. There are many possibilities. Military forces could move in to shut down First Contact. The public could react with fear and panic. Misinformation could form disruption and chaos. Conspiracy theories could overwhelm the First Contact process. Nations could consider First Contact a political threat and thus engage in a military conflict.

The proposal set forth in this blog attempts to lay out the simplest solution to the First Contact questions. It is a detailed method for preventing the negative outcomes while achieving the primary goal of First Contact: a peaceful and friendly introduction, the start of a successful relationship between civilizations. You can read it here or click on the First Contact Proposal icon in the upper right hand corner of the blog.

In short, the proposal involves a series of flights by an extraterrestrial craft in a highly populated area with a technologically advanced, competitive, and free news media. The idea is to leverage the television news media to reach the entire world in a matter of hours. The news media becomes the method for unifying the world and keeping reactions as calm as possible. Specially designed flyovers and maneuvers in strategic areas will help scientists and aeronautic experts to disprove the hoax. The entire series of events would occur over a weekend; however the revelation and proof would occur in a single day.

What are the advantages in such a process?

-Simplicity: it could be done in a short amount of time, using communication systems currently in place.

-Speed: the quicker the process, the less chance for negative reactions to develop.

-Limited human involvement: the process could be carried out with only one or two humans involved and in a very limited fashion.

-Multiple contingencies: because of the simplicity of design, contingencies could easily be developed ahead of time to deal with disruptive circumstances.

-The entire process could be stopped at the last minute with no possibility of revealing intentions.

It comes down to elegance: you want to solve the problem, in the simplest way possible, with the best results.

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