Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Original Requests

First Contact with an extraterrestrial civilization will be a revelatory experience. However, we cannot be overwhelmed by the enormity of such a revelation. We must remember that in First Contact situations between humans, the less technologically advanced society usually doesn't fare well. We need to be cautious and protective at every step in the new relationship with extraterrestrial beings.

Moving slowly and questioning every decision isn't just prudent, it is the only way to protect our world. The extraterrestrials could have perfectly good intentions. There is still danger in everything from information overload to civil unrest.

We must make immediate requests of any visitors. They should include:

-No use of stealth or cloaking technology for any space or aircraft in Earth atmosphere or our solar system.
-No craft visiting Earth without permission.
-No contact with other humans without approval of the United Nations or assigned governing body.
-A promise of non-interference in Earth governments and other social systems.

These requests are reiterated in this Declaration of Human Rights

1. Humans have the right to self-determination.

2. Humans have a right to not be manipulated by other civilizations.

3. Humans have a right not to have the pillars of human society manipulated by other civilizations, including economy, technology, and civic arrangements.

4. The planet Earth is the sacred home of human beings.

5. Life on Earth should not be interfered with or manipulated by outside beings.

6. Humans have a right to determine how First Contact proceeds.

7. Humans can determine how much information and what type of information they decide to receive about the outside universe.

8. The resources of the planet Earth are the property of citizens of Earth.

9. The solar system of Earth is the property and home of citizens of Earth.

10. Earthlings can decide which beings can enter the solar system and under what conditions.

11. Earthlings can decide which beings can enter Earth atmosphere and under what conditions.

12. Humans will enter into the larger known universe as productive and responsible citizens.

13. Humans will decide exactly how that entry into the larger known universe proceeds.

14. Humans will expect honesty from all parties interacting with the citizens of planet Earth.

15. Humans will demand honesty and forthright disclosure of any past interactions between alien civilizations and people of the planet Earth.

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