Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Extraterrestrial Contact: Gearing Up for First Contact

We have the tools

-A planet-wide communication platform

-The ability to reach all humans with messages quickly

-The technology to interact with each other on a global-basis

-A planet-wide learning platform

We have the expectations

-Humans want to know more about the universe around them

-Humans want to know what is happening on their own planet

-People want that communication to be objective in nature

-People expect to be engaged

-Humans want to listen to each other and then form opinions of their own

We have the mental ability

-Humans can handle rapidly changing situations

-People can digest a great deal of information quickly

-We are resilient

-We can learn new things quickly

-We can update our global perspective when presented with new information

Is all of this enough to enable humans to handle alien First Contact with a positive outcome? That can certainly be debated. What is clear is that we didn’t have many of these tools or attributes even twenty years ago. We are changing in ways that we could never have imagined. First Contact, in this environment of massive change, would be simply new challenges and opportunities for humanity. Perhaps we are ready.

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