Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why First Contact Should Reach the Entire Planet

It’s the classic UFO mythology: the government involved in a contact conspiracy with extraterrestrials. Decisions are made behind closed doors. The future of the human race is held in the hands of a powerful few. Why is this such a worry for people? Perhaps because it violates something important to all of us: the right of discovery and knowledge. Discovery is a basic part of the human condition. The pursuit of knowledge is the practice that leads to discovery. We have a fundamental right to pursue knowledge and learn more about our world, no matter how large it may be, and no matter how little of it we have thus far discovered.

First Contact must be a hello for the entire world, free of government constrictions and government self-interest. This isn’t to say government is not part of the process. But it should be a transparent process where governments act as facilitators.

I have spoken of the need to control the information flow in the years after First Contact. So, how do these two ideas coexist? The control of technological and scientific information is critical to make sure our paradigms don’t collapse overnight. There will have to be careful thought into how we acquire new technological knowledge and how we fit our scientific practices to a new view of the universe. This can be done in an open and transparent fashion. Government should simply help bring the most important parties together: researchers, academics, and the leaders of scientific associations. These experts should decide how new information should be released and perhaps most importantly how humans can continue to learn and make their own discoveries while encountering this vast sea of knowledge, brought to us by other civilizations.

The people of the planet Earth have a right to an honest, open First Contact. It should be a positive welcome to the entire Human race. Now granted, this assumes a lot. If the extraterrestrial beings are aggressive or threatening there is no doubt that government would assume control of the situation, and few would question this reaction. However, if an extraterrestrial civilization presents itself in a positive and non-threatening manner, government agencies should stay on the periphery and let First Contact happen organically. It would be undoubtedly the most important event in human history. Don’t we have a basic right to an honest and open hello?

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